Migraine relief, Zeneca Zomig

nasal-cadScreen dump from Ideas CAD data,
Showing breakdown of components.

A device developed for migraine sufferers
to keep on their persons or in a bag.

Supplied singularly or in packs of 3.

The active ingredient is held in a sealed glass vial.

which, when the device is deployed, is forced under pressure up through the Stainless steel tube & emitted as a fine spray by the nozzle.






nasal-pre-productionInjection moulded components from production tooling.
Mould cavities cut direct from CAD data.


Zomig nasal spray

Wash ball, Procter & Gamble

washballConcept designs for washing powder “wash  balls” consisting of a main body & a snap ring which held in place a fabric gauze.

3 different designs shown, Soft tooling & Ureal model machine paths generated direct from SDRC Ideas

Mascara / Lip gloss, Max Factor

lipstick-model Mascara & lip gloss set for the Max Factor brand.
Iterative designs modelled to enable quick down selection for final design & brand identity.



lipstick-cadSLA prototype tops were added to existing bottle mouldings in order to create prototype assemblies.

Max Factor




Small dispenser head, English Glass

sdhA general purpose bottle pump dispenser head for medium viscosity fluids
Ie, hand creams, soaps etc.

Drawing produced from model file for part quality control process.


Rim block, Generic, ASDA

toilet-blockAn SLA prototype for a cheap unbranded toilet freshener.

The Wave design was created for maximum exposure of the soluble block, whilst still allowing the mould tooling to be kept simple.

Side actions where only required for the rim clip section.